Best Defenses for Trucking Companies and Broken Windshield Claims

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Exploring the Legal and Insurance Implications of Claims Arising from Debris Falling from Commercial Trucks

When it comes to operating large commercial trucks on the road, there are many factors to consider in terms of safety and liability. One common issue that trucking companies face is claims for broken windshields by drivers of other vehicles. These claims can be costly and time-consuming to address, and can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. In this essay, we will discuss the top five ways for a trucking company to defend against claims for broken windshields.

  1. Implement preventative measures

One of the most effective ways to defend against claims for broken windshields is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Trucking companies can implement preventative measures such as installing protective equipment on their trucks or training their drivers to be more aware of road hazards. By taking proactive steps to minimize the risk of damage to windshields, companies can reduce the likelihood of facing claims for broken glass.

  1. Conduct a thorough investigation

If a claim for a broken windshield is made against a trucking company, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the damage. Using an independent adjuster to assist with this investigation will yield the best, and quickest results. This investigation should include reviewing any available video footage, speaking with the driver of the truck, and examining the damage to the windshield itself. By gathering as much information as possible about the incident, a company can better defend itself against the claim.

  1. Document all repairs and expenses

In the event that a trucking company is found to be responsible for a broken windshield, it is important to document all repairs and expenses associated with the incident. This documentation can be used to demonstrate that the company acted responsibly and in good faith in addressing the damage. Additionally, this documentation can be used to negotiate with insurers or claimants to minimize the financial impact of the incident.

  1. Work with an experienced attorney

When facing a claim for a broken windshield, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the trucking industry and the laws and regulations that apply. A knowledgeable attorney can help the company navigate the legal process, negotiate with insurers or claimants, and mount an effective defense in court if necessary.

  1. Review and update company policies and procedures

Finally, it is important for trucking companies to regularly review and update their policies and procedures to ensure that they are doing everything possible to prevent claims for broken windshields. This may include implementing new training programs, purchasing new protective equipment, or adopting new policies to minimize the risk of damage to windshields. By staying up-to-date on industry best practices and legal requirements, companies can better defend themselves against claims for broken windshields.

Defending against claims for broken windshields requires a combination of preventative measures, thorough investigations, documentation, legal expertise, and ongoing review and updating of company policies and procedures. By taking a proactive and comprehensive approach to addressing this issue, trucking companies can minimize their liability and protect their bottom line.