Hiring Veterans: The Power of 5 Best Practices for Adjusting

Hiring our heroes, hiring veterans

If you manage a claims department, one resource for recruiting talent you may not yet have considered is the large pool of military veterans looking for civilian jobs. Hiring veterans will bring a wealth of skills to your team. With the background in training veterans received during their active duty, their skill sets often align quite well with the role of a liability claims adjuster.

When exploring opportunities to hire veterans, the hiring process may differ slightly from what you may have experienced. Here we will explore five essential strategies that you should implement when setting out to hire veterans. We will also focus on tailoring your job listing with keywords such as careers in veterans’ affairs and VA jobs near you as tactics to attract the veterans you seek. 

Understanding military experience in transferable skills in liability claims adjusting

Hiring veterans for liability claims adjusting positions is a fantastic way to fill your staff with talented trainable individuals. Veterans bring unique skills and experiences they may have gained through their military service. Skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and an investigative mindset are qualities you can expect to see in most military veterans.

You will also find them extremely adaptable and disciplined in their work ethic. These are both traits that are very desirable in the role of a liability claims adjuster. 

Tailoring job descriptions and outreach efforts for VA jobs in liability claims, adjusting

The actual hiring training and retention of veterans is one important topic; however, more important is how to attract these individuals to your team and opportunities as a liability claims adjuster. To do this, you will want to craft job descriptions in a way that speaks to the specific skill sets possessed by military veterans. Speak to their transferable skills, such as their attention to detail, ability to think analytically, ability to negotiate effectively, and quality communication skills. Promoting these attributes in your job description will make you more likely to trigger a response from qualified military veterans.

In your job descriptions, optimize the career pages with relevant keywords such as “careers in veterans affairs,” “liability claims adjusting,” and “VA jobs near me.” This will increase the relevant traffic to your job descriptions and offerings. 

Participating in job fairs designed for military veterans is an excellent strategy for attracting top talent. These events provide a targeted platform to connect with qualified veterans actively seeking opportunities. Additionally, networking events offer a fantastic avenue to expand your reach and connect with individuals who can help facilitate connections with experienced military veterans. By leveraging these avenues, you can effectively spread the word about your organization and attract the highly skilled individuals you seek.

Establishing veteran-friendly work environments for hiring veterans in claims adjusting

Creating a veteran-friendly work environment is essential for attracting and retaining military veteran candidates long-term. It will be important to foster a culture that shows appreciation for the unique experiences and characteristics of military veterans who may be on your team. It is important to highlight their skill sets among other non-military adjusters to create cohesion between team members from diverse backgrounds. Consider implementing mentoring programs to help military veterans new to claims adjust and bring their knowledge base to the table for the rest of your staff. Create a team environment where everyone can learn from each other.

Provide transition assistance and training for hiring veterans to claims-adjusting positions.

Military veterans may be different from the rest of your staff insofar as they may not have the same types of education and degrees as your non-military veteran staff. Let us face it; nobody sets out for a career as a liability claims adjuster directly from high school. Everyone on your staff will have a variety of background experiences that not only contribute to the job but complement their skills as liability adjusters. And military veterans are no different. The training resources available when hiring veterans should consider their unique experiences and skill sets. If you have a military veteran on staff, consider utilizing them to train new veterans as they come on board. Having someone with military experience bridge the gap between their life in the military and civilian life as a liability claims adjuster can be an important and effective way to transition them into the role.

Recognizing and Celebrating Veteran Contributions in Liability Claims Adjusting

Implement recognition programs that acknowledge and celebrate the unique contributions of veterans in liability claims adjusting positions. Highlight their achievements and milestones, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within the organization. This recognition enhances veterans’ engagement and attracts more veterans to seek employment in liability claims adjusting.

Start Now

Implementing these best practices to attract and retain veterans for liability claims adjusting positions is crucial. By understanding their military experience and transferrable skills, tailoring job descriptions and outreach efforts, establishing veteran-friendly work environments, providing transition assistance and training, and recognizing their contributions, you can tap into the talent pool of veteran candidates. Optimize your online presence with keywords like “careers in Veterans Affairs liability claims adjusting,” “VA jobs near me in claims adjusting,” and “hiring veterans for liability claims adjusting” to increase visibility and attract qualified candidates. Let us honor our heroes by giving them the opportunities they deserve in liability claims adjusting careers.

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