Claim Investigation and Drone Inspections

  • General Liability
    • When a liability claim occurs on your insured’s premises, it is important to know exactly where the incident occurred, especially if it happened near a property line.
    • Our aerial photography will often show property characteristics that your underwriting department had not been aware of. Knowledge of the property layout and physical characteristics is important to understanding whether your insured’s negligence played a role in a loss.
  • Auto Claims
    • Investigations are easier to understand when aerial photography is utilized at the accident scene.
    • Our drones can be deployed to an accident scene on an emergency basis to capture photographic evidence for your file.
  • Workplace Incidents
    • Injury accidents often occur in places that are difficult to access. Drones go to places that are unsafe for people so you can document your file with detailed scene photos.
  • Large Property Losses
    • Use our drone services for surveying and documenting damages from every angle.
    • Our drones can access portions of buildings that are unsafe for your adjusters.

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