Liability Investigations

ACM specializes in general liability and auto liability claim investigations, adjustment and settlements. We know that you need good information in your claim file to make good decisions. We also know that management smiles on those who are able to set reserves accurately. This means that you will need all of the facts as quickly as possible.

We Meet Face to Face

We visit people and we listen to them. Listening to people in person is the best way to understand what happened, and in most cases they love to tell a tale when someone is ready to listen. For us, every claim is a new story. It is our job to document those stories for your claim file.

Language is no barrier. We work with a network of skilled translators covering over 75 languages.

When budget or time is an issue, just let us know. Recorded statements by phone or video are fast and easy.

Your Insured’s Story

As each minute passes, an insured’s memory fades. That’s why we call your insured as soon as we have their information. If you prefer to have your policyholder’s statement,  ACM will get a full formal statement as quickly as possible.

Policyholders are often confused about the claim process so we always establish the proper rapport with your policyholder. We will explain the basics of indemnity under their policy and their duty to cooperate with their insurance company.

The Claimant’s Story

The claimant’s version of events is as important as any other, and we find that a claimant’s memory can also fade so we are sure to speak with them as soon as possible.

We always attempt to secure a statement from the claimant. If the claimant is represented, ACM will ask their attorney for permission to take their client’s statement.

The Scene

The location of an accident can tell an amazing story as well. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and lots of pictures can tell a lot more. Our scene investigations will provide a full range of color photos. If you need more than simple photos, we can provide the following extra services:

  • Video inspections
  • Drone photography
  • 3D virtual tours of scene
  • Scale drawings
  • Accident diagrams

The Witness’s Story

If someone saw an accident happen, you will want their account of events in your claim file. Finding those witness used to be difficult for some cases, but not with today’s technology. If there are witnesses, you can consider us your witness bloodhound.

Documenting Your Claim File

We can provide the documentation your file will need for a proper resolution. Call us any time you need:

  • Police Reports
  • Property surveys/Land records
  • Engineer’s reports
  • Weather reports
  • Deeds
  • Contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Background Checks
  • Medical Authorizations
  • Medical Reports
  • General Releases
  • Property Damage Releases
  • And more…


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