New Approaches to Liability Losses

Hello, my name is Bill Auten and I’ve been in the claims business since 1996.

We have been running ads on social media for a while now, and there are two types of audiences that routinely click through to our website.

Maybe you are managing a claims department OR you are looking for information about becoming a claims adjuster someday.

If neither of those applies to you, no need to read on. Instead, I’ll invite you to go on over to LinkedIn and like our page! We’d love to get your support!

However, if you’re managing a claims office in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania that handles liability and auto claims, we can help you if:

  • Your staff is overwhelmed with desk adjusted files or you need additional field adjusters
  • Your staff is inexperienced and needs help with complex casualty claims
  • Your staff keeps asking defense counsel to perform basic investigation tasks that we do every day such as:
    • Getting police reports
    • Securing statements
    • Conducting scene inspections
    • Getting Lease agreements and contracts for review
    • Getting medical records for review

If that sounds like you, click the Adjusting Services button and I’ll respond personally by email.

And don’t worry, we are not building an email list to spam you with.

If you’re looking for information about working as a claims adjuster (or you’re a manager who needs help training your staff), you should click the same button and be sure to check the appropriate box. Once that box is checked, you’ll get an email whenever we issue a new training course in our ACM Claim School, which is a growing series of free videos for you to check out. They cover a wide range of liability claim topics.  We use them to train our own people and insurance companies use them to help train their staff.