Liability Claims Investigations and Adjusting

We understand the relationship between your company and your customers. We know that your policyholders need you. They rely on an insurer’s ability to protect them when trouble comes their way.      

An insurance policy promises to provide a defense for a policyholder. A good defense requires a good investigation. Not all claims warrant a settlement. We will provide complete investigation of all facts to prevent you from paying for falsified claims. 

When legitimate claims happen, our job will be to evaluate them on their merits to ensure a fair and equitable settlement. As an insurer, your product is not just a declarations page and a collection of policy forms. It is much more than that. Your product is indemnity.        

Indemnity can be complicated. How much is the next claim worth? The fact is that often you may not really know until the claimant signs a release. Managing this uncertainty throughout the life of a claim is the job of a liability adjuster and examiner.   We understand the challenges and we can help. We’re on your team.   


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