How we maintain secure electronic data

  • Our systems are compliant with the NY Shield Act
  • Our system is continuously monitored for potential vulnerabilities and reviews and updates our code and systems configuration to ensure data is always protected.
  • Our technology partners have successfully completed an internal HIPAA attestation examination, which means that we help our customers fulfill their ePHI obligations as we store and process data in a manner consistent with HIPAA standards.
  • Our claims management system applies in-transit and at-rest encryption using industry best practices (such as HTTPS and TLS) to ensure all of our data is stored and transmitted securely. Our vendor’s web interfaces are also verified by DigiCert, a trusted certificate authority.
  • Advanced security features and controls:
    • Role-based permissions
    • Restrict visibility to sensitive case information to certain users at your firm.
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Password policies
    • Login safeguards
    • Session/Activity tracking
  • Our claims management system is recommended by over 70+ bar associations and law societies in part due to high security standards.

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