Episode #29 – Stuffing, Stress, and Self-Care: A Claims Adjuster's Thanksgiving The Art of Adjusting® Podcast

Join us for this heartfelt and insightful podcast episode that discusses the unique experiences of insurance adjusters during the Thanksgiving season. In this special Thanksgiving edition, hosts Bill and Chantal share their personal stories and challenges of working on this family-centric holiday. They explore the balancing act of managing work responsibilities with the festive spirit of Thanksgiving, offering a rare glimpse into the often-overlooked world of insurance professionals.Throughout the episode, the conversation weaves through various themes — from the aroma of turkey in the air to the complexities of handling insurance claims during the holidays. The hosts discuss the importance of self-care and maintaining mental health in a high-stress job, emphasizing the role of gratitude and positive thinking in their daily lives.Listeners will find a mix of humor, practical advice, and relatable anecdotes, making "Stuffing, Stress, and Self-Care" not only a reflection on the demands of their profession but also a celebration of resilience and the small joys that make working on Thanksgiving worthwhile. Whether you're an insurance nerd, someone curious about the industry, or just looking for a cozy, thoughtful listen during the holidays, this episode is sure to resonate and provide a fresh perspective on Thanksgiving.Questions about this episode? Shoot me an email at wauten@auten.claimsGet The Art of Adjusting® today!Looking for a job as a liability claims adjuster? Click Here!
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